Greta Thunberg is right, in more senses than one. Our house is on fire. And it’s not just the environment. It’s politics too.  The age of clichés is over. Never was this more obvious than when 2019 closed. I got two greeting cards this year and a half-empty hamper. Yes, […]

CAA: Held mistakenly, 4 spend 11 days in jail

MUZAFFARNAGAR: After spending 11 days in jail, a government clerk and three other men who were “mistakenly” picked up by Muzaffarnagar police after December 20 clashes walked free on Tuesday. Over 73 people are in jail for their alleged role in clashes and arson in Muzaffarnagar. Local police are in […]

Rlys to hike fares for 1st time in 5 years

NEW DELHI: In its first fare hike in five years, the railways on Tuesday announced increase in passenger charges that will see ticket prices rise by Rs 55-60 if you travel between Delhi and Mumbai or Kolkata on a Rajdhani from Wednesday onwards but did not touch suburban train fares. […]

There are four tools for right diligence

By Thich Nhat Hanh The Buddha described right diligence in four steps which involve practising mindfulness in a way that we focus on watering the positive seeds within us and resting the negative seeds. In Buddhist psychology, our consciousness is represented by a circle with two layers. The lower level […]

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